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Senator Aguilar Addresses the Senator Halloran Issue

Ray Aguilar2 District 35 State Legislator

Grand Island Senator Ray Aguilar, chairman of the executive board, addressed the legislature Wednesday morning saying an investigation has been launched under the Nebraska Legislature’s workplace harassment policy against Senator Steve Halloran.  Aguilar said since he had first hand knowledge, he appointed three members of the legislature to oversee the investigation.  He felt it important to make that fact public since many are saying the incident is being brushed under the rug. The special personnel panel will hire an outside investigator.  A written report from the investigator  will be shared with the panel, the chair of the executive board and Senator Halloran. They will also likely be shared with the full body and made public.  Halloran has received backlash for comments he made Monday night while reading a violent rape scene from a book which is still on the shelves of many Nebraska school’s libraries. 

Hear Aguilar's complete message to the legislature.

Ray Aguilar 3/20/24