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Halloran Faces Scrutiny for Legislative Comments

Steve Halloran 2 Dist 33

Nebraska state senator Steve Halloran of Hastings is facing backlash after reading an excerpt from a book, graphically depicting a rape as part of the debate on LB 441, a bill that would remove the exemption from prosecution for those in educational institutions providing obscenity to minors in grades K-12. At two different times, Halloran used the term senator Cavanaugh during the reading. Senator John Cavanaugh didn’t seem  phased with the reading at all. The legislature adjourned an hour earlier than expected shortly after the exchange and after a tearful response from Machaela Cavanaugh who believed the references Halloran made were to her. 

You can listen to the last 20 minutes of the session to make your own judgement. Beware of the graphic representation of Halloran's reading, an excerpt from the book Lucky, by Alice Seybold, available in at least 16 public school libraries in the state . 

Tuesday, the Legislature spent the first hour discussing the happenings of Monday.

You can also hear Speaker John Arch's message to the legislator to begin the session, Senator Halloran's response, and the entire first hour with comments from a variety of senators.


Legislature Last 20 Minutes 3/18/24

John Arch Response 3/19/24

Steve Halloran Address to Legislature 3/19/24

Legislature 1st hour 3/19