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Media Release: Joint Bishops’ Statement in Response to Alternative Ballot Initiative Proposal Providing Protections for Preborn Babies

Nebraska Catholic Conference

Lincoln, Nebraska - On Tuesday, a new ballot initiative providing protections for preborn children was released by Protect Women & Children. In response to the language of the proposed ballot initiative, the three Catholic bishops of Nebraska - Archbishop George J. Lucas, Bishop James D. Conley, and Bishop Joseph G. Hanefeldt - issued the following joint statement:

“Nebraska voters are likely to decide on two ballot measures regarding abortion this November. We have reviewed the proposed initiative to create a constitutional protection for preborn children in the second and third trimester that was announced on Tuesday morning. Although imperfect in its protection of all preborn children, the proposal is a step toward safeguarding human life. Thus, it is morally permissible for Nebraskans to support this newly proposed initiative.

"More importantly, we urge Nebraskans to unite in opposition to the other initiative proposal that wants to enshrine the evil of late-pregnancy abortion into the state constitution.

"Women in Nebraska deserve support throughout pregnancy, not abandonment to the lifelong, physical and emotional trauma of abortion. The late-pregnancy abortion ballot measure fails pregnant women and is more extreme than meets the eye. Nebraskans should pray and work for its defeat and commit to even more support for pregnant women in need.”

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen released the following statement regarding the Protect Women and Children ballot initiative.

 “The abortion industry's extreme ballot initiative could create a constitutional right for a mom to abort her baby all the way through her third trimester. I'm glad voters will now have the opportunity to support a strong alternative that reflects Nebraska values and protects women and children, just like the bill I signed into law last year banning abortion after the first trimester. Nebraskans support protecting unborn babies, and this initiative will preserve our commonsense limits on abortion. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with the pro-life community to ensure commonsense Nebraskans have the knowledge they need to defeat the radical pro-abortion initiative and protect as many unborn babies as possible."