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Nebraska Strikes Gold In President's Search

Jeffery Gold

Dr. Jeffrey Gold has been named the priority candidate to lead the University of Nebraska's four campuses. The announcement came after the Board of Regents Meeting this morning. Gold is chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and for a time was also the leader of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Gold has been at UNMC since 2014.  Gold will have interviews at each of the university campuses in the next  30 days. If all goes well, Gold will be the first UNMC chancellor to be elevated to the president’s office in NU system history. Regents announced their pick after a  90 minute closed session.

Dr. Gold made comments at a press event at UNMC this afternoon. 

Governor Jim Pillen issued the following statement after the Nebraska University Board of Regents named University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold as the priority candidate to be the president of the University of Nebraska system.

“I appreciate the Board of Regents answering the call to action and moving forward with the presidential search process. Congratulations to Chancellor Gold on emerging as the priority candidate. He has been a visionary, patient-focused leader for UNMC.

I admire the strong leadership Interim President Chris Kabourek has displayed since Ted Carter’s departure. During just 70 days in office, he has delivered the long-overdue Presidential Scholars Program to get the University in the game of retaining our best and brightest kids. He has shown strength and courage in holding the line on university spending, and he has taken swift and decisive action just this week in announcing the extension of Coach Hoiberg’s contract and the hiring of a transformative new Huskers athletic director.

The University of Nebraska will remain in capable hands throughout Chris Kabourek’s interim leadership. I look forward to the next phase of the presidential selection process as it gets underway and partnering with University leaders to make our system even more competitive.”

Jeffery Gold 3/20/24